Retina Scanners will Replace Fingerprint in S5

As the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is approaching, it is becoming more and more cluttered with rumors. And the latest one suggests that the retina scanner technology will feature in the upcoming smartphone. The news has come directly from a well established Korean source who claims that the Samsung’s fans were disappointed with fingerprint sensors.

Reasons of failure of fingerprint scanners/sensors

Earlier it was a buzz in the market that Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with fingerprint scanners for enhanced security. But two issues popped up amid the excitement of fans who are looking for better security. First, the fingerprint sensors are not as reliable as they were supposed to be, thanks to some security hacks made by some experts. Second, there were often technical failures in the sensors.


So, what is the solution?

Well, the retina scanners have a sensor placed on the front of smartphone Samsung S5. When the user bring its near to his or her eyes, the scanners read the retina blueprint of that person and stores it in the form of a unique code. And we already know that every human being has a unique blue print of retina of eyes.

Retina Scanners are the future of smartphone security

Well, it is not hard to predict that the smartphones of next generation will be based on the same technology of retina scanners including Samsung Galaxy S5. The most happening use of these scanners has already been seen on airports, high security offices and at many more places. So, it’s just a matter of time before a common man starts using this wonderful technology in his/her own hands.

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