When you look at it, it’s no wonder to hear of a newly expected release from Samsung., i.e. the Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung has so far demonstrated great loyalty in the production of its smart phones annually. Each year comes with a new release of a new Smartphone from Samsung. 2014 will be yet another year that Samsung boasts of its trend- in release, in this case the S5.

If you look closely at the trend of Samsung, not just one model of smart phones catches the headlines of news, but rather a stream of them. Notice that Samsung has got an annual release of at least one and at other times 2 releases of each different model. The widely known phablets, the tablets as well as the S generations are all a make of Samsung.


Anticipation builds up

For a long time now, Samsung has made great entries into the industry of leading android smart phones, and it only seems that the year 2014 will not be any different. Well, Samsung galaxy S5 has already attracted many sites in the website, with very beautiful pictures of the oncoming S5 displayed on each.

We could say that most of the information given is based on rumors, but again we may not rule out on the information as being farfetched. In the past, most of the rumors spread have ended up being true, and that is the same reason why the rumor already spreading of the design of the Smartphone could likewise be true.

Confused between Note 3 vs Galaxy S5, read it.

The S4 is already on sale and making good profits, and that is the reason why there is much more light in the expectations of the S5. However, the S4 faced some bit of criticism from observers who said that the plastic body was a huge disaster. It is expected therefore that the Galaxy S5 this time round will come with a full aluminum make to cover up the mess. So many people are already talking much about it, with the observers already giving figures of the expected sales and distribution.

The oncoming Samsung S5 generation is also expected to come with a much lighter weight. The phone like all others will be pocket friendly, and it will be very comfortable to carry around.

What about the price?

Well, it is yet to be confirmed on how much the Smartphone will sell at. But as the trend has always been, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be much expensive than the predecessor, which in this case is the S4.

It however appears that the Samsung Smartphone customers are not more interested in the pricing but rather on the features coming with the Smartphone. It’s all about staying tuned to the Samsung website and checking up on the price of the next trend in.

With the fact that the dates are also yet to get confirmations, its all about keeping your ears to the ground for that most awaited date. The Galaxy S5 is absolutely coming with new features, a new design, new prices and everything about it is new and sophisticated. Be the first to make your orders and be the envy of your friends

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Galaxy S4 VS Google Nexus 4

In a few weeks, SamsungReal photos of Samsung Galaxy S4. Read more will celebrate its first anniversary in obtaining first place in the market smartphonesFitbit available Galaxy S4. Many are now wondering if the company can keep this up much longer. The success of its GalaxySamsung Galaxy S4: its main features. Read more S 4 , his new weapon for battle 2013, determine. However, the firm is faced with competitors, old and new, more determined than ever to stand out. Among the new entrants, there is GoogleSamsung Galaxy S3 vs BlackBerry Z10, comparison video. Read more , its partner for the operating system AndroidIFIXIT: Galaxy S4 gets high marks. Read more . He decides to follow in the footsteps of AppleWHAT APPLE IPHONE 6 REQUIRES AFTER SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 LAUNCH?. Read more designing, together with LG94.7% of the Android Smartphones sold by Samsung in the first quarter; How many with the Galaxy S4?. Read more , the Google Nexus 4Galaxy S4 achieves the highest score ever recorded at the site Browsermark 2.0. Read more . Today it continues to wreak havoc on the market and managed to take a few potential customers the Korean giant. But the arrival of the Galaxy S 4 could overshadow him. Explanations:

Start with the design of both devices. There is equality of elegance, but the touch, the Galaxy S4Eldar Murtazin: Galaxy S4 gets plastic housing. Read more is more pleasant, like its predecessor, with its rounded shape. Despite its less attractive form, the Google NexusGalaxy S 4 vs HTC One vs Galaxy S3. Read more 4 is the most worthy of high-end classification because of its design materials like fiberglass. Despite pressure from his fans, Samsung chose to keep his new plastic spearhead.

The display
The difference is quite significant in this respect. The Samsung device has indeed a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080p screen of 4.99 inches. Terminal Google, he has only 1280 x 768 pixels for a screen of 4.7 inches.
Google has chosen a Quad-core QualcommGalaxy S4: 5 Exynos Octa for Europe and Snapdragon 600 for the United States. Read more SnapdragonIFIXIT: Galaxy S4 gets high marks. Read more S4Real photos of Samsung Galaxy S4. Read more 1.5 GHz for the Nexus 4. So in terms of power, the Samsung GalaxyIFIXIT: Galaxy S4 gets high marks. Read more S 4 wins duel with a 5 Octa Exynos 1.8 GHz or Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.9 GHz based communication standards in each target country. Both devices are equal in terms of RAM (2 GB).
Internal storageGalaxy S4 Memory issue: Samsung explained.. Read more capacity and connectivity
This is the weak point of the Google Nexus 4. All other high-end smartphones in the 2012-2013 generation beat him with a non-expandable internal memory of 8 GB or 16 Like its predecessor, the Galaxy S 4 is available in three models depending on storage capacity: 16, 32 and 64 GB expandable.
Google is a specialist web, but did not take the time to think about the connectivity of the Nexus 4. This is indeed devoid of LTE. It only gets 3G and other communication technologies such as WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and NFC technologies that can be found on the Galaxy S 4 with the 4G standard.

Galaxy S4 would still be the winner on this point with its estimated 2500 mAh batterySamsung Galaxy S 4, improves battery life?. Read more . Which would lose its status Nexus 4 SmartphoneReal photos of Samsung Galaxy S4. Read more as independent market with its 2100 mAh, a status it shares with the Galaxy S3 .
Sensors pictures
No smartphone can not reach the level Galaxy S 4 on this point. The Samsung device has indeed a rear cameraSamsung galaxy s4 camera test. Read more of 13 megapixels, against only 8 rival at Google.
OSGalaxy S4 does not work 100% on Android. Read more
Until now, Google has simply version 4.2 of its operating system for the operation of his beloved Nexus 4. But one thing is for sure, it will be the first high-end smartphone to receive Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie in the coming months. Galaxy S 4 also runs under the latest current operating system, that is to say 4.2. Samsung also think to incorporate Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie in the 3rd quarter. So there is equality between the two devices on this point.
In a direct way, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 crushes the Google Nexus 4 . It is more powerful and autonomous. It is also one that has the bestGalaxy S4 design is better?. Read more main sensor, the greater internal storage capacity, connectivity and the most complete autonomy to the largest. The apparatus of Google earned only on design through construction materials. The RAM and the operating system, there is no winner. And it is important to remember, the Nexus 4 is 299 euros against 500 to 600 euros for the Galaxy S 4. The choice belongs to everyone.

A smartphone with a difference – I think that would be a suitable phrase for Samsung Galaxy S5, the ultimate demon coming soon in your pockets! If the rumor world has to be believed, there are some astonishing features the users will witness. They include shatterproof displays, flexible design, diamond alloyed body and much more.

So, when’s this phone coming in the market? Well, different sources have different stories to tell. But here’s the fact. Next month, i.e. March could see the release date of Samsung Galaxy S5. Yes, it will be a historical date as so many of us have been waiting for the device for about a year now, after the release of Galaxy S4 in 2013!

Here’s an image of the phone, with a blogger showing its flexibility feature.

Release of S4 brought so much excitement about it, and nobody seemed to bother about its price tag. Samsung Galaxy S5, in the same way, is a totally splendid peace of technology too. Its elder brother Samsung Note 4 is a brilliant gadget as well, coming few months after Samsung S5.

So, what’s the best thing you like about S5? Tell us in the comments hereby. If you have any specific query about Galaxy S5, which our blog can’t answer – ask it right away in the comment section below, and we’ll happily get back to you. Happy Valentine’s day to all the readers. Have a blast and keep coming back for some more exciting news about the Samsung S5 smartphone.

Samsung’s flagship phone is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year 2014. Galaxy S5 is expected to be one of its kinds. Rumours about Galaxy S5’s specifications and unique design have been all over the internet for past couple of months.

samsung-galaxy s 5-charcoal black-450x350

Following this, one of the most talked about topics in most of the technical forums is the release date of Galaxy S5. With Samsung still keeping most of its actions under cover and preventing any information leak, all we can do is to report on the basis of rumours circling around. Although no official date is set for Galaxy S5 launch but there is a very high chance that it will have world wide release with Mobile World Conference taking place in Barcelona on 27th February.
This seems too good to be true as none of it has been confirmed by Samsung, but looking at the past record of Samsung, they have been following a kind of tradition of releasing their flagship phone with a yearly gap. So Feb end or first week of March is appropriate time for its grand release.

Galaxy S5 will truly be the successor of Galaxy S4 and not just by name but also by all the types of features and future technology Samsung is planning to incorporate in it. Samsung has always been the first in advancing new technology which always fancies the customers. Let us take a look at what new cutting edge technology is going to come in the smartphone.

Galaxy S5 Specifications

According to Samsung’s co-CEO Shin Jong-Kyun, “Samsung’s next smart phone will have 64-bit processor”. The 64 bit chip will be named as Exynos 6. With such a powerful chip and a 3GB RAM, lagging problem will vanish and number of applications working simultaneously won’t be a problem anymore. In short it will be a super phone. A 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU will be used tosupport 64 bit processor.

It is also expected to come up with an ultra high resolution display screen 5.2 inches and 2k(1440×2560) pixels resolution which is much better than the currently used  display of 1080p full HD.

Galaxy S5’s camera is also very commendable, with rear camera to be about 20 mega pixels and front camera of 5 mega pixels, it is sure to be loved by youth as good camera quality is the first thing everyone wants in their smartphone. Visit the writer’s personal blog here:

Samsung’s R&D department is working night and day to improvise there recently invented camera technology. This new sensor which is under production will produce sharper pictures by physically separating each pixel into smaller cells and minimising the electrical crosstalk. This sensor has been named as “ISOCELL Sensor”.

There has also been talk of Biometric Security system being included but it won’t be thumbprint scanner like apple’s 5s, but it will be a step ahead. Iris recognition scanner is on the cards and if this rumour turns out to be true, then all other smartphone manufacturing companies will really have to buckle up to even stand in the market which will then be Samsung Dominated.

As the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is approaching, it is becoming more and more cluttered with rumors. And the latest one suggests that the retina scanner technology will feature in the upcoming smartphone. The news has come directly from a well established Korean source who claims that the Samsung’s fans were disappointed with fingerprint sensors.

Reasons of failure of fingerprint scanners/sensors

Earlier it was a buzz in the market that Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with fingerprint scanners for enhanced security. But two issues popped up amid the excitement of fans who are looking for better security. First, the fingerprint sensors are not as reliable as they were supposed to be, thanks to some security hacks made by some experts. Second, there were often technical failures in the sensors.


So, what is the solution?

Well, the retina scanners have a sensor placed on the front of smartphone Samsung S5. When the user bring its near to his or her eyes, the scanners read the retina blueprint of that person and stores it in the form of a unique code. And we already know that every human being has a unique blue print of retina of eyes.

Retina Scanners are the future of smartphone security

Well, it is not hard to predict that the smartphones of next generation will be based on the same technology of retina scanners including Samsung Galaxy S5. The most happening use of these scanners has already been seen on airports, high security offices and at many more places. So, it’s just a matter of time before a common man starts using this wonderful technology in his/her own hands.